Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

The UAE is a very transient market and there is no escaping this truth in the real estate market. Many of our clients are constantly hiring staff to add talent but also to replace leaving staff in what can feel like a revolving door of young brokers. While this is unfortunate, it is a reality in the current climate. 

However, part of the problem is the recruitment process itself and there can be many issues, pitfalls and traps that a real estate business and its leadership team can fall into when they have to manage the many other elements of the business while trying to strategically and frequently recruit. Recruiting like this is a full-time job and requires a dedicated resource. This is where the Leith Associates RPO service is highly effective.

With RPO, the whole recruitment process is outsourced to a trusted partner.  The goal is to integrate Leith Associates into your business and remove the complete end-to-end burden of the search and selection of candidates from the leadership with exception of the final interviews and decision making.  This type of partnership will save enormous amounts of time, money on recruitment costs and advertising as well allowing Leith Associates to represent your business in the local and international market as an employer of choice in the UAE.

As part of this service, you will receive all the standard services mentioned above but also the following:

  • A dedicated Talent Acquisition Manager to be fully integrated into the business (Remotely) to work with the leadership to develop a strategy for talent acquisition based on the on-going needs of the business as well as act as a major layer of screening on top of the typical screening from Leith Associates  
  • Insightful market research and market intelligence on the competition and their recruitment strategies to design the TA strategy
  • A dedicated and fully loaded recruitment advertising and Job description makeover to enable higher attraction levels
  • A dedicated account Manager to oversee the screening and management of the selected candidate
  • A real time tracker with KPI’s and performance reporting
  • Full-onboarding and re-location assistance
  • New hire appraisals and performance management assistance
  • Complete exclusivity over the candidates submitted for your project and positions
  • A full loaded database of international candidates handed over at the end of the RPO term
  • All NDA’s and data- protection documentation and regulations will be followed
As this service requires a higher headcount and a higher level of integration as well as exclusive ownership of the TA process and candidate pools there are both monthly management costs and success fees for completed placements.  However, these costs over the course of an RPO term would be far more effective in terms of reducing time-stealers from leadership and cutting overall costs.  

RPO terms start at 6 months and can go to a maximum of 24 months.

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