Campaigns, Event Management & Execution

Campaigns, Event Management & Execution

Recruitment campaigns can be a very good way to raise awareness on your business and attract talent to join your team.  They allow employers to hire in bulk from specific geographies and demographics quickly with a quick turnaround.

However, the time, effort and manpower required to execute a successful recruitment campaign is a huge burden on the business. 

A successful recruitment campaign requires a strategy, vast amounts of planning, advertising organization of the event and then execution of the event and subsequent administration of the results, findings and high potential candidates that are good enough to join the team.  Typically, recruitment campaigns have been organized and executed on-site at an event venue.  This type of event is a large undertaking and if done wrong, it can have a detrimental effect on your employer branding.

As we are in a time where in-person events are not appropriate due to the pandemic and social distancing, remote events are the best way to execute recruitment campaigns and will likely be the case for the remainder of 2021.
Whichever type of recruitment campaign and event that you ae trying to run, Leith Associates have both the experience and the frameworks to execute these events and generate significant results in terms of viable candidates to hire.

A summary of the service we offer is listed below for our venue and virtual events:

  • Mass advertising and marketing campaigns (strategy/Creative/content)
  • Candidate Attraction
  • Planning and Organising the event (Branding and Venue or Virtual set up)
  • Event execution (Screening and Selection)
  • Administration and candidate offers/closures of placements
As part of this service you would also have the following resources and tools from Leith Associates:
  • A Senior partner in the business to organsie your event and act as your key point of contact/events manager
  • A dedicated team including a marketing Executive, a Talent Acquisition Manager and a resourcing team to over see the recruitment aspects of the event
Recruitment campaigns can be a single point of service or can be built into our PRS and/or RPO services.

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